WireCo Poland, originally established in 1895 as DRUMET, is a famous and dynamic manufacturer of wire and steel rope. Our products are used in numerous industry areas such as: coal mining, oil and gas exploration, steel mills, construction, engineering industry, shipbuilding, car & automobile manufacturing industry, aircraft industry.

WireCo Poland manufactures General Purpose Ropes as well as Special Ropes, Combination Ropes (polypropylene wire ropes) especially for the Fishing Industry, Rope Slings, Steel Wire Bands and all kinds of Steel Wires. Our products are produced according to international standards and we cooperate with scientific research facilities, institutes and technical universities in Poland. The distribution is done through WireCo’s worldwide sales and service network.

Since July 2011 WireCo Poland Liny i Druty Sp. z o.o. is a proud member of the international WireCo WorldGroup, a leading manufacturer of wire ropes and steel wire products as well as synthetic rope products.